Thank you for visiting my website.

And thanks for being open and interested in the process of therapy… I believe that everyone can benefit from it; and I’ve often said that if our psyche was as publicly visible as our teeth, more people would come to the process of therapeutic work, and any stigma or shame about it would disappear completely (or as little as there is about going to a dentist)!  My approach to therapy reflects my belief that our mind and psyche can be metaphorically seen as many-layered:  the conscious/thinking cognitive mind as the “top” layer, then beneath this are other layers with different degrees of consciousness/awareness, all the way down to the core or deepest layer (thats usually not in our thinking-mind awareness).  Therapy, at its best, can not only question the cognitive belief layer to get to new ways of thinking, but also bring the deeper layers of our core up closer to the surface of consciousness, which can lead to more choices, more compassion for self and others, and less symptoms (like diffuse anxiety).  How “deep” you choose to go is up to you… and at the very least, my style of counseling can teach you consistent inquiry skills that will help you challenge the cognitive level of thought that can cause much anguish and symptoms.  Ultimately the goal of our work will be measurable change in patterns of thought & feeling that will improve the overall quality of your life.  Along the way we’ll check in on whether we’re moving in that direction and if not, reassess the path in getting there.